We started a winery because we love to share: wine, stories, knowledge, mistakes and laughs.

We also want to share value, a feeling of belonging and FUN by inviting you to join our Filthy Animals Wine Club.

And no matter where  you are in Canada - a tiny fishing village in Newfoundland or under the aurora borealis in the Territories - the price is the same!  

Sing it with me now:

 ***We are family! Get up everybody and sing!!!***

Filthy Animals Club Subscription


$195 (including taxes and shipping countrywide!) every six months gets you: 

  • A unique 6-bottle case of wine, twice a year, including pre-release wines so you get to try them first 
  • 15% off all wine purchases - online & in our wine shop
  • A special gift every year on the anniversary of your joining
  • A free tasting and winery tour twice annually for you + up to 5 guests
  • Access to allocation-only wine releases and our sold-out winemaker's library of wines
  • Preferred pricing for special events, including our annual Harvest Dinner: dining inside our winery family style.

That's a minimum of $600 in value for $390 per year. 12 unique wines every year AND additional discounts every time you buy. 



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